Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to Get Life Insurance Even When You Have Cancer?

The first news of being informed that a person in your family has cancer can be annihilating emotionally. The experiences are mostly negative, but it is important to remain positive during this crucial phase in life. There will be surely a lot of thoughts and feelings are going on during this moment.

Often the thought of "I just purchased a life insurance policy before it took place" surfaces. And previously, the chance to be even considered for a life insurance policy wasn't an option or if it is it can be very costly and only offered after a significant period of time after remission.

Nowadays however, you have a lot better opportunities of obtaining for life insurance for men and women with certain kinds of cancer. And the chance to get policies at a normal basis without any extra premium surcharges is quite high and in a few cases it does not involve a long waiting period after the approval.

A couple of life insurance firms in recent decades have upgraded their underwriting features on specific kinds of prostrate and breast cancer.

For instance, a firm will accept a normal issue policy (it subjects to positive medical record, laboratory - x-ray and additional examination results), like a first-time breast cancer patient with insignificant (10 mm. or less; Stage 1) neoplasms and with solid prognosis of high survival rate.

Most companies do this and they provide insurance right away after a surgery but still with a low added charge for a couple of years, then you need to pay for standard premiums. They'll also include preferred premium prices for females with non-invasive (Stage 0) tumors. And Stage 1 cancer bigger than 10 mm. Possibly given after a 'one-year' waiting phase with a non permanent overload. Other cancer cases can qualify you or life insurance policy after a specific time has gone by and you can subject to a favorable offer.

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